Valuable Report On Funding Bodies

In preparation for its annual think tank, Power to the Pixel – in collaboration with SODEC (La Societé de Developpement des Enterprises Culturelle du Quebec) – published a Canada Media Fund white paper examining how funding bodies in different countries are currently operating to support innovative media content. Understanding Funders is available here.

The whole report is well worth a read. It’s only 27 pages; the first section is a bit technical but easy to skim for what’s useful to you. If you work for a funder or a producer’s organisation and have very little time, go directly to page 17 for Chapter 3 – Inspiration. It lists challenges generated by the new market realities and strategies that have already successfully been tried to address them.

FunderspicNot everything will be applicable to you, and neither is that the intention, but looking at practical examples is a great way to trigger innovation. When you think “we can’t do that, we’d have to do this instead” you’re already halfway to a solution!

Again, the report is here, or you can look at Appendix 2 in the Think Tank Report itself for a very brief summary with recommendations.


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