The Nostradamus Project organises two annual seminars. At our main event, at the Nordic Film Market during the Göteborg Film Festival, the report is released and its topics discussed further with visiting experts and an international crowd. Our fall seminar is aimed primarily at professionals from the Nordic screen industries. We also participate as experts at other festivals and events.

Welcome to The Future is Now: NEXT Steps for Film Art & Screen Industries

May 21, Festival de Cannes 2017

– What’s changing in funding and sales of European and art house cinema? How does VR fit into this emerging digital landscape? What is the role of theatrical distribution when most films will never reach the silver screen and the window system is changing?

Lively analysis and knowledgeable debate with some of the some of the best minds in the industry about what’s next for the screen industries, presented by the Göteborg Film Festival’s Nostradamus Project.

Speakers: Johanna Koljonen (Media analyst and writer of the Nostradamus reports), Zach Richter (Creative Director, Within: Storytelling for Virtual Reality), Petri Kemppinen (CEO, Nordisk Film & TV Fond), Erwin M. Schmidt (Managing Director, Cinemathon International and initiator of Propellor Film Tech Hub), Wendy Bernfeld (Managing Director- Rights Stuff).

Sunday May 21, 16.00 – 18.00
NEXT Conference Room, Palais des Festivals (Level –1, aisle 14)

Access: Marché badge

The Nostradamus Project run by Göteborg Film Festival in collaboration with Lindholmen Science Park looks 3-5 into the future, gathering analysis from industry experts, through leaders, creators and executives for its reports and seminars. 

NEXT is the innovators hub for creative business & visionary thinking at Marché du Film. The 5th Nostradamus report will be presented February 1st, 2018

Find the full NEXT programme and schedule at the Marché du Film here.

More About Our Panelists

Erwin M. Schmidt  (Managing Director Cinemathon International and part of the Propellor Film Tech Hub)

Erwin studied film production, and has worked in production, international distribution, and film festivals. Until 2014, he was the 3D producer for Wim Wenders at Neue Road Movies, in charge of all 3D aspects of the company, including Pina. He has extensive experience with employing complex technology as a means for creative expression, and possesses an avid interest in new narrative formats and new distribution channels. Over the course of a 2015 sabbatical, he researched innovation strategies, leading him to found Cinemathon, together with Susanne Marian.

Petri Kemppinen (CEO, Nordisk Film & TV Fond)

Petri Kemppinen has been CEO of the Fund since 2013. He has MA in Communication from University of Helsinki, a background in journalism and publishing before starting his television and film career in the mid-1990s. He spent nine years at The Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE, working among others as Commissioning Editor and Head of Youth Department. Between 2005 and 2013 he worked at The Finnish Film Foundation as Film Commissioner, Head of International Affairs and Development and finally Head of Production. He was a member of Eurimages’ Board of Management 2006-2013.

Wendy L. Bernfeld (Managing Director- Rights Stuff).

Wendy is a frequent lecturer on digital media, as well as a strong supporter of  the production and festival sectors, including on advisory boards (IDFA, Binger Film Institute, Seize the Night Outdoor FilmFest,, Viewster Online Film Fest, etc. Wendy was named as one of the “Brave Thinkers of Indie Film, 2010” by Oscar-winning independent producer Ted Hope.
Read more about Wendy L. Bernfeld here.
Zach Richter (Creative Director, Within: Storytelling for Virtual Reality)
Zach Richter is an award-winning Director, Creative Director and Graphic Designer. His work combines interactive media, technology, and storytelling. Richter gained recognition as a Creative Director with Saatchi & Saatchi and Stopp (USA) where he worked closely with Toyota, Google, Honda, Intel and Starbucks to launch their global integrated campaigns. As a director, he’s worked with adidas, Range Rover, Acura, CB2 and many others.

Read his full story here.

International Seminar

Feb 2, 2017

Biopalatset 6, 14:30-16:00, Thursday, February 2. Price: SEK 395. Free admission with accreditation (subject to availability for Network).

The Nostradamus Report saw its fourth annual report at the International Seminar in Göteborg on February 2. Media analyst Johanna Koljonen presented this year’s topics, followed by a discussion about new directions in content with invited experts.


Johanna Koljonen presents the 2017 report. Among this year’s focus areas are developments in exhibition technologies and formats, VR storytelling, and the unsustainable abundance of filmed content for film and television.


The report is followed by a discussion about how the fast changes in the screen industries will impact the creative output. Participants:  Roberto Olla, Executive Director, Eurimages; Rikke Ennis, CEO TrustNordisk; Mattias Nohrborg, Executive Producer B-Reel Films; and Charlotte Sieling, director.

More About Our Panelists

Rikke Ennis, CEO TrustNordisk, Denmark

Rikke Ennis started Trust Film Sales TV Distribution Department when she joined the company in 1999. She was then made Managing Director of Nordic Television Distribution Company OS, (owned by Zentropa, Nimbus Film, M&M and Grasten Film). In 2008 a merge between Nordisk Film and Zentropa led to the two biggest sales companies in the Nordic region joining and becoming TrustNordisk, one of the leading sales companies in Europe. Rikke Ennis was appointed the CEO of the company and in 2012 she founded Zentropa China with the goal of combining the best of Danish talent and film experience with the merging media market in China. Since 2008, Rikke Ennis has been CEO at TrustNordisk, the biggest sales agent in the Nordic region representing one of the largest film catalogues in Europe – a feature film catalogue of more than 600 films. Rikke has has been part of the management at Zentropa since 2014.

Mattias Nohrborg, Producer at B-Reel Films and Head of Acquisitions of Triart Film, Sweden

Nohrborg has been working with the production company B-Reel, situated in Stockholm, since September 2009 as Producer, Executive Producer and Senior Adviser. Before 2009 he produced and co-produced around 25 Swedish features and documentaries through his own companies Triangelfilm and Auto Images, from 1996 to 2005. Mattias has also worked for more than 35 years as one of the largest purchasers and distributors of art house films (around 1200 titles) in Scandinavia, through the companies Folkets Bio (1981-1988), Triangelfilm (1988-2007) and TriArt Film (2010-).  During these years he introduced about 150 new directors/talents to the Swedish and Scandinavian audience. TriArt Film is one of the biggest distributors of art house films and domestic films in Sweden. He was also for some years a major cinema-owner in Sweden with about 105 screening rooms through the company Astoria Cinema (2004-2007). 

Roberto Olla, Eurimages, France

Born in Italy in 1967, Roberto Olla lives in France since many years. Trained as a lawyer (PhD Entertainment and Media Law – EUI Florence), he then specialised in film production (EAVE, FBS, EPI etc). He joined Eurimages in January 2002 as a project manager for feature films, and became the Executive Director in 2008. He still directs the European Film Fund ever since. Before this, Roberto has been a researcher at the university (film and media law) and worked for many years for the MEDIA Programme. He participates as expert in several European training initiatives in the film sector and has signed a number of publications on the film industry.

Charlotte Sieling, Director, Denmark

Charlotte Sieling, born 1960, is a recognized Danish director having directed numerous popular – and award winning TV-series during the past years. Before entering the world of directing, Charlotte was acting for both stage and film. Her television credits include episodes of Unit 1, Better Times and the international hit series Homeland, The Killing and The Bridge. She is also the conceptual director on the first 2 episodes of Season 3 of BAFTA-award winning Danish TV-series Borgen, which alongside The Killing and The Bridge has enjoyed great success abroad. Her feature film debut Above the Street, Below the Water, released in 2009, starred some of the finest actors in Denmark – a story about 3 couples’ intertwining lives in Copenhagen.

Picture of Roberto Olla

Roberto Olla, Eurimages


Charlotte Sieling, director

Picture of Rikke Ennis

Rikke Ennis, Trust Nordisk

Picture of Mattias Nohrborg

Mattias Nohrborg, B-Reel Films


Johanna Koljonen, media analyst

Past Seminars

Five Things to Do Now & Storytelling in Immersive Environments

Image of Johanna Koljonen, Linda Aronsson and Carl Heath

At Västsvenska Filmdagarna on 13 October 2016, we hosted a double bill. Liberated from the “crisis narrative” of industry change, we can then focus on what really matters: what opportunities for storytelling and creating growth are offered by the participatory shift in arts and entertainment? Media analyst Johanna Koljonen gave a talk on five very simple pieces of advice everyone in the industry should follow now.

The lecture was followed by a conversation on the topic of Storytelling in Immersive Environments. With the radical growth of VR storytelling, and a continuing normalisation of multi-platform narratives in mainstream entertainment, what are the challenges and storytelling opportunities offered for the film industry by these changes? Games and storytelling innovator Carl Heath and scriptwriting legend Linda Aronson joined Johanna Koljonen in conversation.

Read more about the speakers and find seminar video here.

In Swedish: Politik och pirater! 8 oktober 2015

piracySTDNostradamus höstseminarium på svenska på Västsvenska filmdagarna. Vi samlade den svenska branschen för en uppdatering kring den nya filmpolitiken och för att en gång för alla försöka knäcka piracyfrågan. Se filmer från seminariet, och läs mer om programmet och talarna.

First Nostradamus report seminar. January 31, 2014

Our seminar on January 31, 2014, gathered hundreds of industry professionals to the release of our first report.

Consultant Bengt Toll spoke about the situation of the film industry. Watch Bengt Toll’s talk here.

The panel on audience behaviour: Jakob Bjur, audience researcher, Rikke Ennis, TrustNordisk, Michael Gubbins, Sampomedia; Bengt Toll, consultant. Watch the panel here.

The panel on distribution models: Jonathan Marlow, Fandor; JérômePaillard, Cannes Film Market; Åsa Sjöberg, TV4; Bengt Toll, consultant. Watch the panel here.

Jonathan Olsberg (founder and chairman of the strategy consultancy Olsberg • SPI) spoke about likely developments beyond the 3-5 year window, including the end of cinema distribution, technology-driven radical changes in production, and about replacing the idea of “distribution” with the wider concept of circulation. He also prophesied the death of film schools as we know them, and called for the screen industries to take a central role in the conversation about the creative economy. Watch Jonathan Olsberg’s talk here.

Nostradamus in Cannes 2016


The Audience Mindset – a Creative Renaissance for Filmmaking, Funding and Distribution

Media analyst Johanna Koljonen, editor of Göteborg Film Festival’s Nostradamus Report, spoke on Saturday May 14, 2016, at the NEXT Pavilion at the Marché du Film about long-term trends and the new creative energy about to be unlocked by the painful structural shifts of the film industry. The talk was followed by a panel on best practices for filmmaking, funding and distribution in the new landscape.

Speakers: Lene Børglum (producer, founder, Space Rocket Nation), Mike Goodridge (CEO, Protagonist Pictures), Johanna Koljonen (media analyst), Anna Godas (CEO Dogwoof), Martin Dawson, Deputy Head of Unit – Media Support Programmes.


Lene Børglum, is a film producer and the co-founder of Space Rocket Nation together with Nicolas Winding Refn. She was one of the key executives and co-owner of Zentropa from its early start in 1992 and until 2007. She has produced international successes by Nicolas Winding-Refn, Lukas Moodysson and Lars von Trier.

Johanna Koljonen is a media analyst, broadcaster and award-winning journalist working in Sweden. She is editor of the Göteborg Film Festival’s Nostradamus Project, which produces an annual report and seminars analysing the next 3-5 years of the film and TV industries.

Mike Goodridge is CEO of Protagonist Pictures, an international sales company committed to strong relationships with filmmakers, investors and distributors. He was previously editor of Screen International, where he spent 19 years, including 12 years as the LA-based US editor.

Anna Godas CEO, and co-founder Dogwoof. She has an MBA, and MAs in film production and screenwriting. Anna was directly responsible for the creation of Dogwoof’s international sales arm and is now focusing on growing Dogwoof’s production investments, having recently set up a fund.

Martin Dawson, Deputy Head of Unit for Media Support in the European Commission, Directorate General CONNECT. He coordinates the Creative Europe MEDIA programme and contributes to the development of audio-visual policy. Previously he was deputy Head of Unit for Knowledge Sharing, responsible for innovative collaboration and performance management in the DG.

2016 Report And Visions Seminar

Our third annual international seminar was held at the Nordic Film Market of the Göteborg Film Festival on Thursday, February 4th, 2.15-4.15 pm. We will release the 2016 Nostradamus Report and continue exploring its topics with Anna Highs (Nowness), Julie Bergeron (Marché du Film), Matthijs Wouter Knol (European Film Market) and Justine Powell (iROKO Global).

Read more about the 2016 Report and Visions Seminar

The 39th international Göteborg Film Festival of 2016, Januari 29 – Februari 8.

How To Succeed With Content In The New Reality – January 29, 2015

Liz Rosenthal

Liz Rosenthal

January 29th at 1.30-4 PM at the 2015 Göteborg International Film Festival it is time for our second annual Nostradamus seminar and the release of our 2015 report!

Read more about this seminar and speakers 

In Swedish: Utvecklingen i film och TV-branschen. 25 November 2014

panelDen 25 November samlades vi på Lindholmen Science Park i Göteborg för ett eftermiddagsseminarium om utvecklingen i film- och tv-branschen med fokus på Sverige. Läs mer om talarna och programmet .Se filmer från seminariet här.