2016 Nostradamus Report

For this year’s report, we have interviewed the following experts, enormously generous with their time and thoughts:

Carsten Andreasen (Head of Market Insights for Northern Europe, Google/YouTube), Julie Bergeron, (Head of Industry Programs, Marché du Film in Cannes), Stefan Borgquist (Head of TV, TeliaSonera Sverige), Liselott Forsman (Executive Producer International Drama, YLE, and Head of European Fiction, EBU), Peter Gerard (Director of VOD, VIMEO), Tine Klint, (CEO, LevelK ApS Film Sales) and Matthijs Wouter Knol (Director, European Film Market).

At the accompanying seminar, Matthijs Wouter Knol and Julie Bergeron are joined in discussing the questions further by Justine Powell (iROKO Global) and Anna Higgs (Nowness).

The Nostradamus Project is a joint initiative from Göteborg Film Festival/Nordic Film Market and Lindholmen Science Park.

1. Few Stages, Fewer Steps

Sales, distribution and marketing will start early, happen in parallel, and increasingly be provided by the same companies, driving some out of business and everyone to change how they work. All films and programming will need individual release strategies. Harder times for drama ahead are temporary and may not hurt quality content.

2. Rapid Changes in Representation

Audiences, industry minorities and business logic are forcing the industries to act on representation. Studies show that discrimination is systemic, but the same correlations suggest positive change could have have powerful ripple effects, measurably changing ratios.

3. Post-Television

The viewing of streamed content is growing in all age groups while TV audiences are getting older. Networks and TV providers offering good user experiences online can still do well. In effect, the digital revolution has re-created the TV ecosystem, only slightly slimmer with much more flexibility.

4. The New Majors

Although competing with local know-how in hundreds of markets is not trivial, Netflix, Amazon and perhaps a few others will become global players in the OTT space. This is neither much more nor much less of a worry than vertically integrated global media conglomerates are in general.

5. Getting It Out There

Windows and holdback times will continue to develop, overall becoming more flexible and shorter. Self-distribution and other unconventional releases show potential for niche titles. TVOD is growing, as are specialty SVOD services. Festivals will be increasingly important.

6. Cinemas & Circulation

Independent theatres have become laboratories for innovative audience work and we seem to be at the cusp of an arthouse renaissance. There are still hard years ahead for independent cinema, but by perhaps 2020 digital distribution will be finding its form.

7. At the Vrovies

Virtual Reality filmmaking is coming into its own, attracting funding and talent. The medium’s cinematic potential makes it interesting to the film industry, but it is not inherently suited for linear storytelling. Learning from less linear traditions like games and performance is vital.

8. The Advertising Wars

Advertising fatigue, in particular the practice of adblocking, is affecting the economic landscape of film and video. Distributing content on proprietary platforms with shared revenue models raises questions but shows potential.

9. TV and Video Advertising Floods

With audience behaviour and business models out of sync, commercial TV needs to trim the amount of ads to protect linear viewing. Competition in online video from traditionally text-based media is growing.

Interviews for the report were conducted in December 2015 and January 2016. In addition, the report contains references to the following sources, linked below for your convenience.

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