Each year at the Göteborg Film Festival, The Nostradamus Project releases its annual report on the state of the Film and TV industries. Each report focuses on slightly different topics and also includes updates on previous predictions where the situation has significantly changed. The 2017 Report was released on 2 February, 2017 at 4PM.

Nostradamus reports, by year

External resources, by topic

General Surveys: Film

From 2014: The 4th edition of CineRegio’s excellent Digital Revolution reports by Michael Gubbins of Sampomedia is called Audience in the Mind (summary and order form).

Gubbins writes about the evolving demand and about both statistical and cultural changes in the audience, without ever losing touch with the technological developments that drive the disruption. It’s a 127 pages, but written in a very accessible style that requires no prior expertise! Plenty of footnotes to take you further in your research, and a good chapter summaries if you’re in a hurry.

On Business Models

The 2012 report from Olsberg SPI called Building sustainable film businesses: the challenges for industry and government (pdf download) was sponsored by Film i Väst, PACT and the Swedish Film Institute.

On Audience Behaviour

From 2012: A profile of current and future audiovisual audience. Final report by Attentional, Headway International and Harris Interactive for for the European Commission. An executive summary of the report is here. The full pdf download is here.

A 2014 report in Swedish is available from the Swedish Film Institute: Publikens förändrade beteende (pdf).

Funding New Content Types

On crossmedia, transmedia, convergent and other innovative media forms, Liz Rosenthal’s organisation Power to the Pixel is an outstanding resource. If you’re looking for cutting edge case studies, head over to the Pixel Report, where Michael Gubbins who visited Nostradamus in 2014 is also a contributor.

In 2014, Power to the Pixel gathered a think tank of representatives of funding bodies to work on practical suggestions for supporting content innovation in the changing media landscape. Their report is here. To support the think tank, the organisation also commissioned a white paper on the existing strategies of media funders in this field with recommendations based on their results. The think tank report summarises its findings in Appendix 2, but we recommend the full text (pdf download).

If you have an interest in the business and business models of cross media, you could also take a look at the 2013 and 2012 Power to the Pixel think tank reports.