Storytelling in Immersive Environments

As predicted by the Nostradamus Project, we have seen a radical growth of VR storytelling in the last year, and a continuing normalisation of multi-platform narratives in mainstream entertainment. What are the challenges and storytelling opportunities offered for the film industry by these changes? Games and storytelling innovator Carl Heath and scriptwriting legend Linda Aronson join Johanna Koljonen in conversation.


Linda Aronson

Linda Aronson is a British author and dramatist screens big and small as well as the theatre. She has worked internationally as a script advisor for over thirty years. Early in the millennium she published the book Screenwriting updated, pioneering the teaching of parallel storytelling techniques like flashbacks, flash forward, multi-linear perspectives and ensemble drama. Her book The 21st Century Screenplay from 2010 is used in screen writing education all over the world.

Carl Heath

Carl Heath is responsible for the business and innovation area ICT Learning at RISE ICT (Research Institutes of Sweden). Carl’s research and practice spans and crosses the fields of education, culture, innovation and digitalization. He advises companies, organizations and the public sector in Sweden and abroad on issues related to digitalization and learning. Carl is employed by Interactive Institute Sweden ICT, where his current projects involve VR and film.

Picture of Linda Aronson

Linda Aronson

Picture of Carl Heath by Kristina Alexandersson

Picture of Carl Heath by Kristina Alexandersson


Johanna Koljonen


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