Johanna Koljonen:
A Creative Renaissance in Film

The editor of the Nostradamus Project, media analyst Johanna Koljonen, gives an updated version of her much-appreciated lecture at the Marché du Film. After a decade of changes, challenges and trends rocking the industry, what everyone working in film needs to do next can be boiled down to five very simple pieces of advice. Liberated from the “crisis narrative” of industry change, we can then focus on what really matters: what opportunities for storytelling and creating growth are offered by the participatory shift in arts and entertainment?


Johanna Koljonen is a media analyst, broadcaster and award-winning journalist working in Sweden. She is editor of the Göteborg Film Festival’s Nostradamus Project, which produces an annual report and seminars analysing the next 3-5 years of the film and TV industries.

Picture of Johanna Koljonen


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