Göteborg Film Festival Releases New Nostradamus Report

PRESS RELEASE At the seminar “How to succeed with content in the new reality” in Göteborg today, a new report was released by the Göteborg Film Festival’s Nostradamus project, which aims to deliver fact-based predictions about the film industry’s very near future. 
The Nostradamus project was launched by Göteborg Film Festival and Lindholmen Science Park in 2014 with the ambition of helping the film and TV industries navigate the big changes we’re all in the midst of. Set up as a dynamic think tank-like process and event, the next 3-5 years are studied through interviews with heavyweight industry figures whose daily decisions actively shape the future, as well as through the digesting of key research carried out by others.
Among this year’s interviewees are Petri Kemppinen (CEO, Nordisk Film & TV Fund), Liz Rosenthal (CEO, Power to the Pixel), Michelle Kass (film and literary agent, Michelle Kass Associates), Jonathan Olsberg (chairman, Olsberg SPI) and Rikke Ennis (CEO, Trust Nordisk).

Nostradamus is run by Johanna Koljonen, well-known Swedish journalist and writer of the report, and Cia Edström, Head of Industry at Göteborg Film Festival.
Johanna Koljonen:
– This year’s Nostradamus briefing looks at how most innovations in the film and tv market right now are about making your content relevant at a specific time. Audiences have gone from asking “why should I see this?” to “why should I see this now?”, and we’re exploring the implications of this, for example for cinemas. With day-and-date releases across all platforms now happening, cinemas go from selling unique content to unique experiences. This is good news since even specialty movie theatres have very competitive pricing compared to most other things we do out of the home.

– The changing marketplace for audiovisual content also requires us to work differently with content. Distribution, marketing and even the audiences will be entering production processes at script stage. We need to take a good look at why other creative industries are better at working like this!

– One of the tough questions we’re asking is whether the challenges exhibitors and producers face today when it comes to reaching their viewers are only created by technological disruption – or is there a deeper disconnect with the audience?
For more info and getting in touch with Johanna Koljonen, please contact the festival press office.
Nostradamus is supported by Lindholmen Science Park, Nordisk Film & TV Fund, Västra Götalandsregionen, Göteborgs stad, Göteborg & CO and Creative Europe.

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Nostradamus editor, johanna.koljonen@rundfunkmedia.se

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