Andreasson: The Under 25s Have No Language Barriers

Malte Andreasson, co-founder of MCN United Screens was one of our interviewees for the 2014 Nostradamus report. At the end of the year, we reached out to him again to see what he’s been thinking about since!

What’s the most important change happening now or really soon in your part of the industry?

“If I have to pick just one thing it is how international it is becoming. Nationally based business is decreasing in importance. Pretty soon we will be in a situation where the norm will be to be addressing a multinational audience.”

If you look 3-5 years into the future, what are you most looking forward to and worries you most relative to the development in the industry?

“What I’m most looking forward to is the development in the previous question! Worries… hm… to point at just one specific thing: the possibilities of financing drama outside the premium windows. Who will be able to produce silly college movies?”

At the Nostradamus seminar at the last festival we talked a lot about the challenges to the cinema window in respect to exclusivity and holdback times. Do you think we’re any closer now to solving those problems? Will the solutions be satisfactory to the exhibitors?

“No, there hasn’t been any progress. But on the other hand no backsliding either. I think the solution will completely un-dramatic for the exhibitors. Going to the movies is a social ceremony, not a form of of distribution.”

Malte Andreasson, United ScreensAnother big topic last year was audience behaviour. What would you like to know about this that you don’t today? And what do you know about this that you didn’t a year ago?

“I’d like to know how big the viewing outside officially reported platforms like YouTube is. And how the viewing on the newspaper sites really looks. What I know now that I didn’t a year ago is the power in the internationalisation I mentioned before. How incredibly low – basically zero – barriers of language and culture are for people under 25.”

In the 2015 Nostradamus Screen Visions report, released at 3.30 CET tomorrow, we take a closer look at the new international audiences. For more wisdom from Malte Andreasson, why not read last year’s report, still a valuable and interesting read?


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